Pet Surgery

Your pet may need surgery for various reasons, including being spayed, neutered, or an operation for a specific condition. While the reasons pets need surgery vary, we may follow a few consistent procedures to keep you informed and prepare your pet for surgery. Using consistent processes and modifying them before, during, and after the procedures for the individual pet helps minimize surprises. Our veterinary team at Rathburn Animal Clinic, serving Etobicoke, ON, strives to make your pet’s surgery as stress-free and effective as possible.

Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery Steps

We perform pet surgery based on each pet’s needs. As his owner, you may see the process unfold in a few steps: consultation, pre-operation, operation, and post-operation.


You need to understand the benefits and risks of any treatment done on your pet, so the consultation phase covers those issues and the preparations you should make before and after surgery. When your pet has scheduled surgery, you will receive instructions for preparing for the procedures before the surgery.


Your pet’s routines may need to change in the days leading up to surgery or the day of surgery, so we provide information on what to expect, including:

-Bloodwork or other pre-op tests

-Dietary limitations, such as no food or water before the surgery

-Your scheduled arrival time

-The animal hospital’s check-in procedures


Pet surgery can be a stressful experience for pet owners and their family members. We do our best to set clear expectations for the process, recognizing schedules can shift if another pet needs emergency vet care.


Following surgery, pets wear bandages or other devices and often have behavioral or physical limitations. We will do our best to help you anticipate these issues and their expected duration, including:

-Behavioral and mobility issues

-Medication, including antibiotics and pain management

-Home care procedures and special arrangements

Of course, we tailor these instructions to your pet and the procedure they experienced.

Get Veterinarian Care from an Emergency Vet Near You at Our Animal Clinic

If you live in or near Etobicoke, ON, and are looking for a vet near you, call us at Rathburn Animal Clinic at (416) 622-8818. Whether your pet has a well-care appointment, scheduled surgery, or needs emergency care, our animal clinic can help provide the quality, compassionate treatment your pet needs. Visit us for veterinarian care from an emergency vet near you at our animal clinic.

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