At Rathburn Animal Clinic, we're committed to ensuring that all pets in the Etobicoke, ON, area get the treatment and support they need to have happy and healthy lives for as long as possible. If you're looking for a vet near you and an animal clinic you can trust, or you need emergency vet services, we're the right choice to meet your pet's needs. Not only can we help your pet feel better quickly, we can also help you get peace of mind with our preventative care services.


Our Animal Clinic Offers a Range of Services

We'll work with you to help make sure you understand your options for any kind of additional care or treatment your pet requires. Whether you just want to get him a wellness checkup and vaccinations, or he is having symptoms of a medical condition that needs to be investigated, we can help. Don't put off getting your pet the care he needs when you can work with a trusted veterinarian and staff.

Emergency Vet Care for All Your Pet's Needs

We also offer emergency vet services, for those stressful times when something goes wrong and your pet needs care right away. If he is experiencing a medical event like a stroke or seizure, he’s had an accident or been injured, or there are other issues, make sure he can get care fast.

Work with a Trusted Vet Near You

Working with a veterinarian you can trust and rely on makes all the difference when you're looking for good care for your pet. We know how important your pet is in your life and how much you care for them. That's why we're so committed to giving him quality care, so you can enjoy many more years together.

Get Pet Care from a Veterinarian or Emergency Vet Near You at Our Animal Clinic

Reach out to us today at Rathburn Animal Clinic if you're in the Etobicoke, ON, area and you need a veterinarian for all your pet's health care needs. We have a range of services, treatments, and diagnostic options to help your pet stay healthy and happy. Call us at (416) 622-8818. An emergency vet near you at our animal clinic is here to help.

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